​ My ceramics are all wheel thrown and crystalline glazed. While the majority of crystalline ceramists use an    electric kiln, programming it to fine automatically, all of my finings are done in a 100 cu. ft. gas kiln; this  requires my attention and hands on adjustment of temperature for up to 24 hours. the slight fumes of the gas  firing, compared to the pristine atmosphere of electric firing, have a slight effect on the colors, setting my  glazes apart from most. 

 The crystalline process requires me to make a catch tray for each piece, and a donut/stilt for each piece to  stand on as the glaze runs freely off of the piece at peak temperature. This runoff glaze fuses the piece to the  donut/ stilt and catch tray. As the temperature climbs during the firing process, zinc-silicate crystals form  spontaneously from the high zinc and silica content of the glaze. Once the firing reaches peak temperature,  the  kiln is quickly cooled to the correct temperature for the crystals to actually grow. Much experimentation  is required to find this growing temperature, and it is different for each glaze. This growing temperature must  be carefully maintained for up to 8 hours for larger crystals. When cooled, the crystals are a permanent  decoration, with sunlight or bright indoor light illuminating the crystals. After cooling, the stilt must be  carefully removed, and the bottom of the piece ground smooth to remove sharp or jagged pieces of glaze.  With crystalline glaze, even after many years the loss rate is high, but the successful ones are spectacular.
about klinsky fine art

  Artist statement

Simple lines, elegant, and from the heart; those are the main focus of my artwork. As with many art forms, the most difficult objectives to achieve are purity and simplicity. With my vases, bowls, and thrown sculptures I strive to utilize clean lines and fluidity, giving each form a look of graceful motion.

Steven Anton Klinsky

Intrigued by potters throwing on the wheel since he was a young child, in 1979 Steven was encouraged by friends to take a pottery class taught by Mr. Paul White at Carmel-by-the Sea, CA. It was a class that would change his life. It seemed to be that working with clay came naturally… a gift. Within a short time he was selling pieces at art shows, due to an eye for clean lines and form. At one show he was approached by the owner of a design showroom located in Beverly Hills, CA about making large-scale ceramic vases and urns. This started him in a direction of larger pieces, and soon art venues were carrying Klinsky ceramics in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Laguna Beach, and Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA, and Seattle, WA, Chicago, IL, and Phoenix, AZ.

Living and working in Encinitas, CA for twenty years ( and prior to that, Venice, and Santa Cruz, CA ) Steven has been able to enjoy both his ceramic work and his passion for surfing. His love of the ocean and nature can easily be seen in the freedom of shape and movement of his pieces. There is a feeling of life's flow in each piece.

Steven also spent some time teaching pottery classes at the Florblanca Resort in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, again mixing his two passions, surfing and ceramics. Upon returning to Encinitas in 2003, he juried into the La Jolla Art Association in La Jolla, CA as the first ceramist to be allowed into the association.  In early 2005, Steve became a charter member of the Allied Artist Association of San Diego, and later that year was voted in as a board member of the AAASD.

He has exhibited in numerous juried shows and his artwork can be found in private collections around the world.

A list of clients would include

Randy Johnson major league pitcher/ 2001 world series MVP
Jake Plummer NFL quarterback
Devon White major league baseball Golden Glove outfielder
Merv Griffin entertainer
Sen. & Mrs. Fred Leeds U.S. senator
Peter Cetera former lead singer with rock group Chicago
Jorg Imberger professor at University of Western Australia and Internationally known environmentalist

Awards include

November 2003    'Meteorite' took 2nd place in the sculpture/ceramic category at the Open Juried Show of Fine Art presented by the Fallbrook Art Association.

October 2005 3rd Place in ceramics 'Affaire in the Gardens' in Beverly Hills, CA

 April 2007, 3rd place all mediums in the AAASD member show in at La Jolla, CA.

August 5, 2010 3rd place all mediums Girls Inc. Art Show Santa Fe, NM

March 6, 2011 1st place award for ceramics Art in the Square Frisco, TX  

April 1, 2011 2nd place ceramics Indian Wells Art Festival Indian